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SOLAS Open Science Conference KIEL, 7 - 11 September 2015

The Surface Ocean–Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) is an international and interdisciplinary research initiative. Its goal is to achieve a quantitative understanding of the key biogeochemical-physical interactions and feedbacks between the ocean and the atmosphere. It also strives to understand how the air-sea system affects and is affected by climate and environmental change.

To learn more about the SOLAS project click here.

SubCtech will participate in the event, and is one of the main sponsors.


Ocean Business, Southampton UK, 14-16. April 2015

Ocean Business 2015 Ocean Business 2015

Dr. Stefan Raimund (SubCtech) talked about research vessel equipment with Carsten Stein, board of WERUM

Ocean Business 2015 Ocean Business 2015

Left: Meeting with our sales partner Howard Chang, CEO Quingdo Watertools - our new exclusive partner for OceanPack monitoring technology. Right: great social event Gala Dinner 2015 - Thanks to the organizer!

Exhibition and hands-on training OCEAN CAREERS 15: “Marine Measurement Technologies: Special knowledge for a variety of applications” by Saskia Heckmann, Chief Project Manager, SubCtech  Ocean Business is a hands-on technology exhibition as it provides visitors with the chance to see systems first hand.You are invited to visit us at booth G10.

  • Ship underway pCO2 measurement systems: Comparison GO8050 and OceanPack Sea-Air-Exchange on board FS POLARSTERN in the Antarctic
  • Underwater Li-Ion Batteries and Condition Monitoring, AUV batteries
For more details of the SubCtech product range in UK or Ireland contact product specialist Martin Stemp at m.stemp@rsaqua.co.uk    (Booth G1)

PDF Floorplan (link to OB’2015)

Polarstern OceanPack Li-Ion AUV Battery

Left: Polarstern with OceanPack Sea-Air-Exchange System and Water Supply; Right: Large AUV battery.


Successful completion of the year 2014

Ocean Business 2013With the financial statements of 2014, the order and sales situation was almost doubled. With the introduction of the quality management system 2015 ISO-9001:2008 in the early and our high reliability production according to IPC-A-600/610 class 3 our products meet the highest demands. Thus, we produce e.g. according to ISO 13628 for the offshore oil + gas industry for high-safety areas such as boreholes.

Actual two OceanPack systems and four AUV batteries are manufactured as large-scale projects as well as other standard productions. The development of innovative new products, but also the contact for research is documented in four research projects. Three research projects are international, for one EU project we have the lead.

With a very good order book, we were able to expand our production, and we are happy to employ now 18 employees. Equality and family-friendliness is a matter of course for us and was performed extremely successful: the percentage of women in our company is 37% and the proportion of disabled employees is 19%.


Patent in South-Korea .

Patent                    Patent

The company SubCtech GmbH, based in Kiel, was assigned a patent earlier this month in South-Korea. The patent is for the data acquisition system "SmartDI®", which measures and calculates chlorophyll values. Using this small mobile system, online measurements of chlorophyll (algae) in seawater get correlated with laboratory measurements and automatically corrected. Fluorometers, optical sensors, are used for the measurements in water. These sensors are sensitive to different ingredients in the water such as Yellow substances or solutes, and therefore never show exact or absolute values.

However, especially in offshore water quality monitoring or in aquaculture exact measurements are crucial. Capturing the actual concentration is relevant to evaluate conditions or to identify potential environmental hazards, such as algae. The data acquisition system (Data Logger) "SmartDI®", which collects all sensor data, can be calibrated with laboratory analysis or other suitable methods while operating. That ensures that all data is continuously adapted to the actual conditions and reliably detected with high accuracy.

SubCtech consistently expands its product portfolio in the area monitoring systems. The now allocated patent in South Korea, in cooperation with the partner Techkor, represents the success.


6th FerryBox Workshop, Tallinn 8-9. Sept. 2014


Saskia Heckmann (SubCtech)                                  Loïc Petit de la Villéon (IFREMER)

After completion of the EU-funded project ‘FerryBox’ in 2005 the FerryBox community wanted to improve the combined knowledge. Therefore the FerryBox workshops were originated in order to share experience and knowledge about the use of different underway systems.
FerryBox systems are constantly developed and more instruments are integrated to the flow-through system which are installed to more ships with new transects hence covering more sea-areas with more precise data. Integrating even more with remote sensing and modeling products, these in-situ measurements will be a substantial part of an operational oceanographic network. To discuss gathered experience (knowledge), new ideas and directions considering flow-through systems, 6th FerryBox Workshop is held on 8-9 September 2014, Tallinn, Estonia in the premises of Marine Systems Institute at TUT.

Saskia Heckmann / SubCtech present "Environmental monitoring using the OceanPack™:  Robust, flexible, reliable and cost-efficient. Designed for small vessels, pCO2 underway measurements under extreme conditions.

Our partner Loïc Petit de la Villéon / IFREMER present: "The OceanoScientific Programme: Scientific Data Acquisition by Sailing Ships, results from the 2013 and 2014 campaigns"


Oceanology International China 3-5.Sept.2014


Booth A15, Qingdao Watertools                         Booth B11, Zealquest

SubCtech will be exhibiting at the Oceanology International China at the Intex conference centre in Shanghai, China on 3-5 September 2014.

We will show our product range for the ocean science and offshore sectors.  You can register here.

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