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pCO2 mobile Lab

Image: Measuring the Arctic on Arved Fuch's DAGMAR AAEN (www.arved-fuchs.de)

The OceanPack™ pCO2 mobile analyzer was developed to be a real mobile analyzer for precise measurements under difficult conditions. It is a small and handy measurement system with its inbuilt touchscreen for easy data presentation and the data logger.

The Mobile analyzer can be extended - similar to all OceanPack™ or AUMS - with further components like seawater pumps, plug valves, debubblers, sensors or a Top-Box™ to a be a complete measurement system.

LI-COR® produces LI-840x analyzers for SubCtech, which are built in the MK2 exclusively for scientific demand. The analyzers are ready installed and configured for the user. The auto-calibration allows long-term operations. More pCO2 analyzers are available.

The Mobile analyzer is built sturdy and is easy to maintain. The Flat-Silicone-Membrane-Equilibrator can be run under all conditions, thus is the usage on ships or on vehicles without difficulties.

Leading scientists from NIOZ, AWI, GEOMAR, SOA and IFREMER attended the development of the OceanPack™. The tool is set in for instance an aqua culture to observe and direct the process.


  • Mobile measuring system for various applications
  • Handy design: small size and low weight
  • Complete, flexible and easy to maintain
  • No or little post-processing necessary
  • No difficult setup required: quick and easy installation (just connect power/data, water in/out)
  • Our exclusive cooperation with LI-COR® Biosciences guarantees the latest pCO2 technology
  • Best accuracy and long-time stability
  • Can be operated unattended
  • Easy handling: intuitive usable design, easy service procedures
  • Ready to run: low initial and running costs


  • The LI-COR® pCO2 analyzer is already included and fully configured
  • Robust Flat-Silicone-Membrane-Equilibrator (Patent pending)
  • CO2 tolerant debubbler mBubbler®
  • Built-in SmartDI® data logger
  • The data logger marks data automatically with quality flags
  • Auto-zeroing calibration for high-accuracy long-time operations
  • Easy integration of multiple instruments at once using the SmartDI® data management system. These instruments are for instance Oxygen Optodes, Algae Monitor, Thermosalinograph (TSG), Nutrient analyzers, fluorometer, turbidity sensor or other optical instruments, and many more


  • Different housings and setups
  • GPS receiver and geo-referencing of all data
  • Real-time data transfer and alarm services
  • Up to 3 gas inputs for e.g. 2 span gases and 1 reference gas can be installed
  • OceanView™ DataServer run on a Windows® PC
  • External accessible RS-485 Bus extension to connect a wide range of devices such as meteorological sensors, pumps or valves
  • Additional sensors, analyzers, water samplers and more on request

Product overview:

Our standard OceanPack™ analyzers:

Lab-Analyzer with integrated SmartDI® DataLogger, 19” rack format Calibration and diagnostic control elements for the OceanPack™ pCO2 analyzer. A PC monitor and keyboard can be connected. The calibration for zero and optionally span1 and span2 can be performed manually
Mobile station consists of OceanPack™-Lab with small water system comparable to the underway system. The SmartDI® data logger controls water sample points. Data is transferred in real-time to the OceanView™ DataServer. A small control panel gives a fast overview about all states of the complete system.