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Providing all kinds of measurements

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Underwater Datalogger, Deck-Units and any kind of Controller

SubCtech provides all kinds of measurements with the SmartDI® data logger. Different types are available: Subsea data logger, On-board Deck-units or OceanView Panel-PC Controller / Data-Server. Almost all sensors and analyzers can be operated.

All data logger uses our standard ASCII NMEA-0183 data protocol for data storage, real-time data transmission or configuration and control commands. All data logger consist of industrial grade components for harsh environmental conditions or extended operating live. Only industrial solid-state technology such as CompactFlash (CF) or micro-SecureDisk (µSD) is used for storage.

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The philosophy of our sustainable technologies:

  • reliable
  • flexible and modular
  • handy and easy to use
  • little maintenance